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Meet Sunshine* (I got the Blues.)

Sunshine was having the “What If” Blues.

You know that popular song? Here let me share it with you…

What if I’m not smart enough (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh)
What if I fail? (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),
What if I make a mistake? (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),
What if I make the wrong decision, (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh)
Oh, I’ve got the blues, yes, I’ve got the blues.

My heart is pounding (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),
I’m second-guessing myself (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),
This stressing and tension use to happen a few times a month.
Now it seems like it’s every day.
I got the blues, oh yes, I got the blues.

As Sunshine sat in her bedroom listening
to her favorite blues artist…

… she remembered a friend talked about how counseling helped them.

I don’t want people to think I’m better than them by going to counseling. (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),

I shouldn’t care what people think. (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),

I’m tired of looking in the mirror and not liking or loving who I’ve become (Da, Da, Da, Da, Duh),

I’m afraid I can’t change.
I need to do something different because I’m tired of feeling frustrated and suffering from this sadness all day.
I got the Blues, oh yes, I’ve got the blues.

Taking back control…

Sunshine started searching for a therapist who works with anxiety, depression, and, she didn’t want to admit it, low self-esteem.

She wanted to feel heard and not judged.

Sunshine wanted to feel comfortable sharing her thoughts.

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Meet the Greysons*.

They started in Premarital Counseling – the euphoria of being in love the excitement and drama of planning the wedding.

They seemed to have mastered communicating well with one another, sharing goals, dreams, and embarking on their future as the power couple in their community.

But something happened after “I do.”

We can’t talk to one another without trying to prove how right we are.

The weekends and holidays are the worst. Something ALWAYS triggers a disagreement. The tension is thick in their home, then BOOM! There’s the yelling again.

There’s that vein popping out of the center of Mr. Greyson’s head. His face and eyes are turning red. Spit flies out of his mouth as he’s ripping Mrs. Greyson anew and calling her every name but a child of God.

Here is where I come in.

I will guide you through those troubled waters.

You are no longer swimming in the ocean alone without a life preserver.

I work with individuals and couples who are willing to “Commit to the Process,” the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Sunshine committed to transforming herself.

She continues to practice what she is learning in therapy to overcome depression and anxiety, and even she found new hobbies – photography, exercising, and writing poems.

She still loves the blues. But now Sunshine is listening and singing music that exemplifies her name, light, and warmth.

The Greysons also committed to a re-do
in their relationship.

Many disagreements happened during our meetings. They broke their goals down into smaller steps and achieved each one. One of the recommendations was to seek individual therapy.

The Greysons focused on problem-solving techniques and drastically improved their communication skills. They reestablished trust in one another; turned to their spiritual beliefs to build a stronger relationship and did their homework. Yes, homework. (Okay, how about practice activities.)

The Greysons were in counseling for some time. They made tremendous progress during treatment, and during their last couple of sessions began to share their desire of expanding their family.


*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

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I’ll help you become more empowered by learning the skills you need to relax and calm the stressors, boost your motivation level, and build better relationships starting with the relationship within.

If you’re looking for someone to trust, I’m your girl.

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