Christian Therapy

I’m a professional counselor who serves clients from all walks of life.

I’m also a Christian, and I’m happy to work with you in a way that incorporates your core beliefs into your therapy experience.

I know that focusing on faith through your treatment can have powerful results. It can serve as an anchor and focal point, giving you additional strength to change your mindset even when things get tough – to bend but not break when the strong winds of life are blowing at their hardest.

I’ve noticed how incorporating your Christian beliefs into therapy can strengthen your persistence and determination. It can give you that extra you need so that you don’t let up, lose heart, or abandon what you’ve started.

Seasoned in adding Christianity to therapy, I know what you need.

I need someone who understands my faith values.

I can’t stress enough how many times I have assisted clients who incorporate their Christian beliefs in treatment. Seeing the beauty of clients transform their lives by implementing Biblical principles, combined with therapeutic skills, as I cheer them on along the way in reaching their goal is priceless.

I need someone who is not just throwing the Bible in my face.

Frequently, I hear clients say trusted people have quoted scripture at them, leaving them to feel condemned. There are many scriptures in the Bible that provide guidance, correction, inspiration, and hope to address whatever predicaments we may encounter. I am here to inspire you.

I need to hear more than “just pray about it.”

Okay, so you’ve prayed, and things don’t seem to change. Now what?

Well, I am glad you asked. Now it is time to move into action. During treatment, we will develop a working strategy to address whatever situation you may be facing.

Connecting to your pastor may be a bit of a challenge…

Your pastor’s schedule may be too busy to accommodate the frequency you would like to meet.

The pastor may have you meet with the ministerial staff, and the thought of your sensitive information being leaked is devasting.

When you enter treatment with me, you’ll have a consistently set appointment time to meet, and I WILL uphold your confidentiality unless a situation arises that requires me to break the confidentiality legally.

We can discuss this further during our consultation.

“What if my faith is not Christianity?”

No need to be discouraged!

I have worked with individuals from many denominations. I’ve also worked with those who don’t incorporate any beliefs into their therapy.

The Christian component of your therapy will arise (or not) organically during sessions. I will follow your lead, and I certainly won’t force any of my beliefs onto you.

I believe God has me on an assignment to serve you.

Think about it; when searching for a therapist, you found my site. Don’t think this was a coincidence. I believe God orchestrated this search with you in mind.

Watching you change, blossom, and transform is a beautiful experience, and it’s the most rewarding part of being a therapist!

Go ahead schedule that appointment. I look forward to working with you! (951) 394-1903