Online Therapy

​In a nutshell, it’s therapy provided at a distance…

… by using your online electronic devices such as a cell phone, computer, or tablet.

Online therapy is the self-care you’ve been looking for.

No matter what you’re struggling with, I know you’ll benefit from a listening ear that knows what’s going on in your “emotional psyche.”

If you are experiencing any of the following conditions, this form of treatment may be right for you:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Acute Stress
• Low Self-Esteem

Couples seeking Pre-Marital or Post-Marital counseling have also benefited from telehealth.

Please keep in mind if you have active suicidal thoughts, call 911 or go to the hospital nearest you.

Telehealth is just as effective as in-person therapy.

There’s been considerable research and evidence with professionals and clients that indicate high satisfaction regarding the quality of care, treatment effectiveness, and privacy and confidentiality.

And it’s simple to use!

I will send you a link through my HIPAA-compliant platform (which means your private data will be secure). Just click the link and… wallah! Just like that, the session will start, and we’ll be looking at each other just like we’re in an office.

And it has SO many advantages!

The convenience factor can’t be overstated.

Maybe you work from home, do home-schooling, searching for a job, or are on furlough right now. When you’re tied to your home, teletherapy makes getting the services you need easier than ever.

You also don’t have to worry about the commute. You don’t have to fight traffic and parking just to come to an office for your therapy sessions.

It’s comfortable.

You get to do therapy wherever you’re comfortable doing it. That might be your place of employment, living room, car, garage, backyard… even the closet!

I’ve had clients do therapy on their bed in their pajamas… others even do it while cooking in the kitchen. We even exchanged recipes during one session!

Dress up or dress down… then turn on your electronic device, and let’s chat about you.

It’s safe.

If you need to maintain a distance from others to safeguard your health, this is the perfect option.

I get to see you in your natural environment. My clients who struggle with anxiety or depression find this form of therapy more helpful. Just the thought of leaving their homes or getting dressed can add additional stress.

Some of my clients welcome me in their homes by giving me a virtual tour. I’ve seen home improvements, artwork, and crafts that my clients are proud to show off. I have to admit that I enjoy the home makeover television. When my clients share their projects, it makes therapy much more fun for both of us.

Here’s what you need to make the most of telehealth…

…High-speed Internet connection.

…A computer or mobile device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

…Operating systems, such as Mac or Windows.

Most mobile devices and computers come with cameras and microphones built-in. However, if your device has neither, you’ll have to purchase a web camera or microphone.

It’s time to give online therapy a try…

If you live in the state of California, give me a call today so that we can schedule the free 15-minute consultation. I’ll be happy to answer questions you may have, and we both can determine if we’re a good fit to work together.

Go ahead and give me a call… get started!! (951) 394-1903.